Connected Risk Comes of Age: Ten Key Takeaways

On 7th June, Russell Group hosted a panel discussion of leading (re)insurers and corporates on the threat of Connected Risk. 

On 7th June, Russell Group hosted a panel discussion of leading insurance industry executives and corporate risk managers to discuss the threat of Connected Risk. 

The discussion was wide-ranging and covers both the threat and opportunities posed by the rise of Connected Risk.

Following the event, we have a produced a report that captures the following key takeaway points:

  1. Navigating the Connected Risk Journey  
  2. Leave silo thinking behind  
  3. Going beyond insurance to connect with the Boardroom 
  4. Defining Systemic Risk
  5. Connected Data is the way forward 
  6. The role of Scenario Analysis in forward financial projections 
  7. Aligning risk managers with the CEO 
  8. Culture is intangible but has tangible effects 
  9. The art of the possible: proactive risk management 
  10. Time for action, let’s go live!


The event report can be downloaded below.

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Post Date: 26/06/2023

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