How can the Insurance Industry Assist Corporate Connected Risk Needs: Event Summary

Two years ago, Russell Group hosted a virtual roundtable discussion, titled “Insuring The Uninsurable,” which concluded that corporate and insurance language needs to be aligned in order to cover the loss rather than discussing the cause of the loss.

In July 2022, Russell has followed up with an event entitled ‘How the insurance industry can assist corporate connected corporate risk needs?’ According to the preamble for this event, for over 30 years globalisation has created complex business relationships for the successful flow of trade around the world. This has enabled frictionless trade across the world but has also created contagion paths that exposes the same trade to connected risk, as trade, risk and exposure are truly borderless.

The event panelists included:

David Broughton, Head of Insurance Risk, Centrica

Navaid Farooq, Head of Political Risks & Strategic Risk Solutions,Convex Insurance

David Howden, Chief Executive Officer, Howden Group

Suki Basi, Managing Director, Russell Group

Brendan Plessis, EVP, Strategic Distribution & Development, Sompo International

Andreas Berger, Chief Executive Officer, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

James Straker-Nesbit, Insurance Manager, Virgin Atlantic

Lisa Coomber, Senior Group, Insurance Manager, Vodafone

Following the event, we have produced a short report outlining some of the key themes from the event. To download a full copy of the report, please log in or create a free account, using the link below:

Post Date: 10/08/2022

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