Our connected solution

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We offer three core services: insight, analysis and action.

We harness industry leading data insights to power our software platform, ALPS. Analyses from these insights enables our consultants to add further value for our clients.

All this provides a real-time view of connected trading risk exposure across multiple sectors in the ever-changing landscape of the world economy.

We support insurance and reinsurance companies and corporates in multiple sectors.

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Trading risk exposures are connected, and any real solution to the problem they pose will understand those connections.

Our Solution Insight
Our Solution Insight


We have created the most comprehensive integrated trading-risk dataset, the Russell Universe, using data from selected providers in multiple industries.

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Our Analysis Solution
Our Analysis Solution


Our software platform, ALPS, examines the Russell Universe from every angle, enabling risk and exposure modelling to assess potential vulnerabilities (and opportunities) in your chosen market(s).

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Our Solution Action
Our Solution Action


Russell Consulting brings together data, innovation and expertise to enable new risk transfer opportunities in today’s connected world.