Boeing faces more delays over 737 MAX as more glitches found

Boeing faces new delays of 737 Max after key supplier finds glitches in production

Boeing faces new delays in the delivery of 737 Max aircraft, after fuselage glitches were identified by Spirit AeroSystems, a key Boeing supplier. 

As of Friday, incorrectly drilled holes were discovered in 22 fuselages out of 47 planes inspected up to this point, with the problem impacting both Boeing and Spirit, various news sources reported. 

This will not only impact undelivered planes but also 737s in service. The issue seems to center around the positioning of two holes on a window frame assembly supplied by Spirit, referred to as the “short edge margin”. 

Edge margins, which is the gap between a fastener and the edge of the metal sheet, must meet strict specifications which are designed to minimise the risk of metal fatigue over the long term. 

This news could not come at a worse time for Boeing, which is already facing scrutiny from the FAA after a Boeing 737 MAX 9 jet used by Alaskan Airlines suffered a mid-air blowout. 

Following the incident, the FAA ordered all 171 Boeing MAX 9 jets in service to be grounded, pending a full investigation. 

The FAA ordered Boeing to cap all 737 production at its current rate of 38 jets per month for an undefined period, to address quality issues with the 737, Reuters reported. 

However, many in the industry have voiced their concern about the safety issues surrounding Boeing.  

Sir Tim Clark, head of Emirates Airlines, speaking to the Financial Times over the weekend, said that Boeing was in the “last chance saloon” after a “progressive decline” in standards.  

He called on the company to focus less on profit margin and shareholder value, and more on improving quality in the manufacturing process. 



Post Date: 05/02/2024

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