9,100 Flights Cancelled or Delayed in USA due to Arctic Wind Chill

9,100 flights were cancelled or delayed in USA because of cold weather

9,100 flights were delayed or cancelled in and out of the USA as Arctic air and cold temperatures took hold of large swathes of the country resulting in widespread snow and ice hazards.

These conditions led to numerous cancellations on Monday across major airports in the United States.

George HW Bush Intercontinental and Dallas-Forth Worth Airport in Texas had the most flight cancellations with 180 and 213 respectively, Forbes reports. Meanwhile, Chicago O’Hare International and Denver International cancelled 135 flights.

Southwest cancelled 719 flights on Monday. Meanwhile, United and Alaska airlines, both of which had grounded aircraft in the wake of the FAA’s grounding of all Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft, cancelled 349 and 166 flights respectively, according to FlightAware.

Temperatures in parts of the USA reached as low as -60c with experts warning Americans to stay inside due to threat of frostbite or wear warm clothing if venturing outside.

An estimated 100 million Americans are living under this wind chill warning, Forbes reported.

The National Weather Service reported wind chill readings over the weekend, reaching below zero degrees in numerous states including Arkansas (-0C), Dallas (-9C) and Montana (-60C).

The NWS is warning of a reintensification of the Arctic Blast hitting many US states again from the North, with significant cold temperatures expected in the Plains. Wind Chills are expected to hit -30C in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and -50c in Montana and the Dakotas.

The NWS expects temperatures to drop even further in Midwest and Deep South on January 17th.

Post Date: 18/01/2024

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