Dover and Folkstone Delays Create Chaos at UK Borders

Delays in border system create huge delays for passengers and lorry drivers 

Britain’s summer holiday nightmare showed no signs of letting up, as over the weekend, car and lorry drivers found themselves stuck in large queues backing up for miles at Dover and Folkstone, due to a technical failure in Operation Brock, a traffic management system. 

Delays were not helped by a traffic accident on the M20 that created large queues near the ports, adding to the delays on local roads caused by Operation Brock. 

Dover authorities were forced to declare an emergency, with many holidaymakers reporting that they had to wait 21 hours to reach the ports. 

The disruption at Dover sparked a war of words between UK and French Officials, with the UK claiming that the port of Calais was not adequately staffed, and French officials blaming the additional checks created by Brexit. 

Operation Brock, was designed post-Brexit to help reduce congestion at busy times, but in the words of many experts it has created additional checks that slow down the process at UK borders. 

“It’s high time we replaced the sticking plaster with a resilient solution worthy of the name”, said Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation speaking to the Guardian. 

Since Friday, the port of Dover said it had processed 72,000 passengers, which is roughly 200 miles of tourist and freight traffic.  


Post Date: 25/07/2022

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