The Russell Group Ranking of Countries

03 April 2018 | Blog Post

It seems that every month there is some new-fangled ranking of countries. From the World Economic Forum’s list to the yearly supply chain rankings, people can’t get enough of ‘league’ tables. So why has Russell Group decided to join the fray?

Well, to put it simply, our ranking is different: It measures the top countries, embracing the USA, China, Japan, Germany, the UK, France, India, Italy, Brazil and Canada and ranks them according to Risks and Opportunities, a unique set of criteria.

From the rise of protectionism in the US, the challenges of Brexit, Xi Jiping’s consolidation of power, Macron’s economic reforms to India’s growing middle class, all the countries on our list are grappling with profound risks and opportunities in the connected world.

And yet the risks and opportunities revealed by our analysis are by no means confined solely to these 10 countries but can be applied across the globe. For in today’s rapidly changing world, all countries must identify their risks and maximise their opportunities.

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