Alps Remote Summary

A client has associated costs when procuring and using ALPS, namely the cost of hardware, Microsoft licensing and internal IT staffing. These costs are duplicated where local test environments are in place. Russell recognises that this combined cost can be sizable where the frequency of release is high in a given year. ALPS Remote streamlines the procurement and ongoing support process by delivering software as service from secure and class-leading data centres in Nottingham and London, UK. The client’s capital expenditure requirement is removed and replaced with a simpler annual cost.

ALPS Remote can be accessed by a number of users from an organisation that is licensed to use the service, either from a networked desktop or wifi-enabled laptop. Once connection via remote desktop is established to the data centre, a user can operate the ALPS test or production environments, including remote printing and exchanging data from and to their local desktops. ALPS Remote can be licensed in whole, in part or on demand by analysis.

Tags:  alps; capital expenditure; data centre