ALPS Non-Marine has been designed to meet the risk management needs of the following sub-classes


ALPS Non Marine supports the analytical modeling of liability exposures emanating from financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and professional institutions.

Credit & Surety

Utilising the same casualty model above underwriters are able to manage their exposures to each and any counterparty and/or bond holder, whilst also assessing the effect of rate changes and associated scenarios on portfolio exposure.

Property Major Risk

ALPS Non Marine can be used to track major property exposures written either as per risk or quota share reinsurance basis and to partition their exposures by territory and/or risk type.

In addition to tracking risk exposures ALPS could also be integrated with a company’s weather and political risk data feed to provide exposure to actual, historic or probabilistic weather events.


ALPS Non Marine can be used to track exposures to major construction projects and to monitor changes in maximum exposure over the life cycle of the project.

Alps Data Migrator

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Tags: casualty models; liability exposures: risk exposures; risk management