We leverage our embedded knowledge to assist clients in designing solutions that meet their requirements and provide the dedicated project management, training and support services needed to ensure successful delivery

Certified Company

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certified and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Portfolio Analytics

Our expertise in portfolio analytics covers: -

Direct, Reinsurance & Retrocession Aggregation, Actuarial Risk Rating & Pricing, Stochastic Event Generation, Realistic Disaster Scenario Modelling. Portfolio Optimisation, Liability Claims & Reserving, Run-off Risk Management, Delegated Authority Risk Management. Mapping and Data Management.

Statistical Analysis

Our expertise in statistical analysis covers: –

Applied Mathematics, Probability and Statistics. Economics and Game Theory, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods, Capital and Derivative Theory.


Our expertise in software services covers: –

Robust Project Control Techniques, Software and Testing Methodology, Hosted Software and Data Centre Services, Grid Computing and Parallel Processing

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