How we deliver value to our clients

Our innovative and creative approach has delivered enduring value to clients through an integrated business platform, which combines analytics software, universal data, consulting services and thought leadership:

Russell ALPS – Our ALPS platform is an industry leader in connected exposure modelling for corporate and (re)insurance risk. Our software solutions create unique insights which empower our clients to know their connected exposure, understand their business better, and make decisions that achieve a superior return on equity.

Russell Universe Data – Russell Universe is a unique global, multi-industry data set created from a consolidated view of data from a broad panel of leading data providers which delivers deep business insights to clients.

Russell Consulting – We have a commercialised approach to thinking through industry problems and leverage this to deliver enduring value to clients. 

Russell Thinking - Russell Thinking is a pioneering thought leadership service for corporates and (re)insurers, and naturally feeds back into our software and support service offerings.   

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