ALPS Marine is a portfolio management software solution that supports the needs of underwriters operating in marine insurance and reinsurance and covers hull, cargo, P&I and ports and terminals sub-classes. 

How does ALPS Marine work?

The ALPS software is built with Microsoft technology and integrates country trade exposures, shipping fleets, movements and port data from IHS Markit with underwriter portfolios and simulated losses to perform the following:

Quantification of industry and portfolio exposure regardless of size, complexity and structure of client portfolio and underlying risk.

Quantification of industry and portfolio exposures per risk event risk event and realistic disaster scenario and the ability to respond quickly in the event of a loss or sequence of losses. Such risk events include exposure by country, coastal region, trade route, port per ship and commodity.

Better understanding of exposure, capital utilization and reinsurance purchase.

Comprehensive and fully auditable repository for portfolio data with an integrated suite of analytical modules.

Integrated software solution ensuring timely and consistent information for risk management.

What benefits does ALPS Marine deliver?

ALPS Marine enables underwriters to understand gross and net exposures better and quicker, and to gain the deeper business intelligence needed to steer underwriting towards better exposure control, more efficient capital utilisation and ultimately superior return on equity.  Consequently, many clients view ALPS as an extension to their underwriting team.

Why is ALPS Marine Different?

ALPS Marine is fully integrated and enables aggregate and event scenario analysis from a single point of entry and utilises the Russell Universe dataset for deeper business intelligence for the marine business class.  ALPS is trusted, compliant and flexible, and is recognised as the leading solution across the specialty classes having installations in aviation, war, space, energy, marine and casualty business classes.

Our bundled solution of software delivery, data processing and cloud-based hosting, enables us to provide a more integrated service for underwriting teams, without the need for additional internal IT resource.

In addition to this, ALPS users benefit from continual enhancements based upon feedback from our broad user base of market-leading underwriters and from our latest market innovative thinking.

Who uses ALPS?

Aon, Argo, Blenheim, Cathedral, Hannover Re, Liberty Syndicates, JLT Re, MS Amlin, Munich Re, QBE Re, R&V, Sirius International, Sompo International, Validus Re. 

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