ALPS is aggregation modelling system that supports the needs of underwriters and risk managers operating across the the connected economy.

What does ALPS Enable?

Our ALPS platform is an industry leader in liability exposure modelling and supports construction, mining, manufacturing, transportation, finance and professional services, specialty insurance and reinsurance classes.  The software creates unique insights which empower our clients to understand their business better and make decisions that achieve superior return on equity.

Why choose ALPS over alternative solutions?

ALPS is recognised as the leading solution for the specialty classes having installations in aviation (all risks and war), space, energy, marine and casualty business lines. Our ALPS software is trusted, compliant and flexible.

How ALPS benefits you

The investment in our products and services saves clients time in calculating net exposures. This enables our clients to focus on writing more of the right business, with the understanding they have more knowledge of their respective net positions, which ultimately enables the business to generate more profit as capital utilisation and re-insurance spend is more optimised.

Continuous Innovation

Our ALPS products are continually enhanced based upon feedback from our broad user base of market-leading underwriters and taking into account our latest market innovative thinking.

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